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Feast on legendary Taiza crab and go snowshoe trekking with a picnic lunch!

Period offered Nov.-Mar.

Of the Matsuba cr abs caught in K yotango, those from Taiza P ort ar e the absolute pinnacle of excellence. Rare and prized for their terrific flavor,these Taiza cr abs ar e lite rally de scribed as“legendary.” With this plan, you savor Taiza crab cuisine in the evening, then the next day put on snowshoes to go trekking in a mountainous winter wonderland. You’ll be en chanted by the classic Japanese winter landscape. (Note:from mid-November through mid-December, we go on an autumn foliage hike instead of snowshoeing.)

From Kyotango (Amino station) to your accommodations

Taiza crab banquet

The plump texture and scrumptious flavor of Taiza crabs make them the greatest delicacies among Matsuba crabs, which are highly prized in general. F east to you r h eart’s content on the se unfor gettable crabs, so sc arce that they are known as “legendary.”

Inns near Taiza Port, Kyotango
Nov.‒late Mar.(From start of crab season onward)
Max.30 people
From 27,000yen
Taiza Crab Meister
Reservation required

After breakfast, head for the mountains with a picnic lunch

Snowshoe trekking with a mountain guide

Experience trekking in snowshoes on wintry moun tains that are gen tle even for beginners. The marvelous snow-covered scenery of Kyotango awaits you!

A.Ikaga Beech Forest /B.Noma
From 3,000yen
Mountain guide/Fumio Matsumura
Reservation required

Stay at an old traditional house andexperience preparing and dining on local vegetable tempura and mushroom hotpot

Ohomiya-cho,kyotango city
year around
From 3,000yen
Mushroom expert/Akio tanaka
Reservation required

Just a short distance away…

Traditional house stay

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