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Watch net fishing and the sunrise over the port,
then feast on fresh-made sushi!

Period offered Apr.-Sep.

Fishermen in Kyotango use a traditional method of fishing with a net fixed in place. In this special plan, you wake up early and get on a fishing boat, from which you watch the sunrise and see fishermen in action. Then you make freshly caught fish into sushi and eat it that very morning.

From Kyotango (Amino station) to your accommodations

Viewing sunset

Viewing net fishing at sunrise

Watch the sunrise amid spectacular s cenery in the UNESCO-designated San’in Kaigan Geopark. Get an up-close view o f fishermen at work in these glorious sur roundings,catching local fish using time-honored techniques such as traditional fixed-net fishing.

Takano Fishing Port Totoya Inn & Fine Dining
(Days when the sea is calm)
Approx.1 hour
10 people
Child: from 2,000 yen /Adult: from 4,000 yen
Totoya Inn & Fine Dining
Proprietor(Ms.Kayoko Ikeda)
Reservation required

Freshly netted fish, sliced and ready
for you to make sushi at your table!

Breakfast is nigiri sushi (se e photo) you assemble yo urself from fish that was just caught! Feel like a sushi chef as you enjoy both making and feasting on the freshest sushi around.

Kyotango fishing port,Totoya Inn &
Fine Dining or New Maruta-so Inn
Late Mar.-Early Nov.
3-5 hours
15 people
From 5,000yen
Umeya Honpo/Hajime Umeda
Reservation required

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