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Enjoy country-style home cooking and
local sake at a traditional old house

実施期間 Year-round

Get a taste of life in an old, traditional Japanese house. Afte r taking a walk and picking wild plants and vegetables, gather around the irori (sunken hearth) and join in preparation of tempura and old-fash ioned Japanese dishes. Then, it’s time to eat! When you’re full, feel free to take a nap on the tatami mats.

From Kyotango (Amino station) to your accommodations

Dinner with local Tango sake

Because of its pure and delicious water, Kyotango has a long history of sake production and many breweries are scattered throughout the region. Try al l sorts of varieties and discover the sake that’s just right for you.

Taiza, Tango-cho, Kyotango City
Approx. 3 hours(At dinnertime)
2‒10 or so people
From 3,000yen
Reservation required

After breakfast, depart for the countryside

Hands-on harvesting experience and
talk about making doburoku(cloudy, unrefined sake, sometimes called Japanese “moonshine”)

Lunch around the irori
(sunken hearth)

At meals around the irori (traditional sunk en hearth), people enjoy cooking while eating––grilling fish, frying tempura, and so on. Gather around and get a taste of life in the good old days in Japan.

1-2 hours
Max.15 people
From 3,000yen
Hokkori、Arare Sanson-Juku
Reservation required

Just a shortdistance away…

To Amanohashidate / Maizuru

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